How to Extend Human Lifespan

How to Extend Human Lifespan

Mar 30, 2023 Blog by Linda Moor

How to Extend Human Lifespan
The quest to extend human lifespan is a perennial topic in geroscience and in the
popular culture. The dream of living forever stretches back to Greek myths and
alchemists’ notebooks finance.asialogue, but it has also been captured in science-fiction films such as
Terminator and Blade Runner.

Can We Extend the Human Lifespan With Regenerative Medicine?
The past century has seen tremendous progress in extending the average lifespan
of humans through the development of effective vaccines and anti-aging drugs, as
well as reducing mortality rates related to disease. As a result, life expectancy at
birth has increased from less than 10 per 1,000 live births halfway through the 19th
century to 68 years now47.
Although many of the advances made in the field of geroscience have been
beneficial, no one has yet demonstrated that human maximum lifespan can be
radically extended. As a result, the majority of researchers prefer to see the aging
process as multifactorial and consider treatments as simply extending healthspan
rather than lifespan8,9.
There are no hard limits on the maximum lifespan of an individual; however, as a
rule, a species’ maximum lifespan is not unlimited, even in theory. This is because
lifespan depends on niche, the environmental circumstances in which an animal
For example, some animals living in a harsh environment, such as tortoises,
bowhead whales and Greenland sharks, have very long lifespans. But these animals
live in very specialized niches, which are not easily adapted to other
environments70. As a result, their lifespans may be limited by a variety of genetic
factors that are not found in humans.

Death-delaying technology could push human life expectancy beyond 100 years  : r/Futurology
Moreover, most animals are prone to age-related diseases. These diseases can be
attributed to deleterious changes that have not been identified, but are likely to be
molecular in nature20. This makes preventative and reparative interventions, which
reduce the rate of damage that accumulates during a lifetime, much more important
than lifespan-extension techniques, as they would need to be able to halt or cure
these chronic age-related diseases without causing further adverse late-life effects.
Therefore, if lifespan is to be radically extended in humans, it would need to be
achieved by modifying fundamental aspects of the biology of our species. This could
not only require the reprogramming of our genes, but also the alterations of the
environment in which we live.
For this reason, the development of new life-extension strategies will be a slow and
arduous process. Moreover, it is unlikely that any of the strategies currently under
development will be successful. Nonetheless, they all have the potential to make a
significant impact on human longevity and are of high scientific interest to biologists.

How To Ensure The Fairness Of An Online Casino

How To Ensure The Fairness Of An Online Casino

One of the main concerns of many players when signing up for an online casino is whether they can trust the platform to function fairly. After all, why try your luck in virtual poker or digital slots when you know that the “house” or other players have an advantage? So our chances of winning are minimal or even zero.

Choosing an Online Casino - How to Pick the Best Online Casino for You

After choosing an online casino, slot online here are the main things to consider ensuring the fairness of online games. And let us answer the question that many ask themselves: are the games rigged?

Is online gambling still growing in the UK? | Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Are online casino games rigged?

Online gaming sites are businesses. Their main objective is to generate profits while retaining their users so that they play regularly on their platform. And for that, it is essential that they provide them with an environment that is both secure and fair. Laws and regulations have been put in place to ensure that online gambling is as ethical as it is fair.

However, it should be borne in mind that the casino must also be profitable. And it is for this reason that it is not possible to win every game. Or that the advantage of the “house” is more or less important on certain games (like roulette, for example).

It is this point that may have fueled suspicions of rigging with some players. We cannot, therefore, say (for legitimate platforms that we will teach you to recognize later in this article) that casinos are configured so that the player never wins. But rather than the site retains an advantage, for not having to close its doors.

How to ensure that an online game is safe and fair?

Before registering on an online gaming site, it is important to make sure that it has proven its safety. The most respected platforms are approved by legal gaming jurisdictions, such as those of Gibraltar or Malta.

Their requirements are largely based on the use of random number generators as well as other security features (a sector in constant evolution). The information that is given to players is also very important. It is for this reason that a reliable casino will present the security measures taken directly on its home page, and will proudly displays the logos of the independent auditors who have supervised their software.

It is also advisable to take the time to read the platform’s security policy. And if the data related to the fairness of online gambling is not clearly stated, contact customer service or the site administrator to inform them of these concerns.

Concerns about this are common in the area of ​​online gaming. To reassure them, fair casinos are equipped with random number generators (RNG), which will generate results similar to those of a dealer in a physical casino.

And if the impression of “bad beats” persists, it is simply because hands (especially in poker or blackjack) are distributed much faster on the Internet. Thus, many poker experts and analysts believe that this perception is simply a false impression.

Neuroscience Teaches Us To Play Poker Better

In an article this year, Belle-Beth Cooper taught us how to improve our cognitive performance through simple everyday gestures. Above all, it taught us that our brain generally works very differently from what we might think. Knowing this, we can “re-program” it so that it works more optimally. And use this new knowledge to become more efficient at work or… in poker mmc996 singapore.

Our brain needs rest

By studying how our body works at specific times of the day, Cooper realized that the brain performed better on demanding and analytical tasks when alert. Conversely, he gets to be more creative when we are tired.

If planning a painting or musical composition session is, therefore, a good idea at the end of the day, it is better to play poker with a relaxed head and therefore, well concentrated. This analytical game requires focusing on your hand, but also on the behavior of your opponents. By playing at the start of the day, the poker player can increase his chances of capitalizing on the moments when the brain is best able to trigger clear and analytical thought processes.

Stress shrinks our brain

A study in rats has shown that prolonged exposure to stress can reduce the size of their hippocampus. A part of the brain essential for creating memories, but also responsible for spatial memory.

In general, stress (whether that of everyday life or facing the financial stakes of a game of poker) can have harmful effects on our performance, in particular by impairing our judgment and by reducing our ability to concentrate. Similarly, it is better to withdraw if the game in progress is too stressful to avoid stupidly losing a lot of money.

Our sight exceeds all other senses

In terms of recognition, vision ranks first among our five senses. Let’s take the information that we have heard. Three days later, we would only remember 10%. But if it is supported by an image, this recognition rate increases to 65%.

In the poker world, this idea makes us think of players who systematically wear sunglasses. In terms of information processing by the brain, the latter deprive themselves of their most vital meaning. It goes in the opposite direction of an optimal poker strategy, in which we should provide our brain with as much visual information as possible to optimize our decision-making.

In the same way that our brain is unable to do several things at the same time (or in any case to do them well simultaneously), it is important to focus on the poker game. And only on the latter (no television in the background, for example) to focus on the table and capitalize on our most precious meaning: the view.

Introversion and extraversion arise from different brain wiring.

Typically, introverts are described as shy, while extroverts are more gregarious individuals. However, the concepts of introversion and extraversion go much further than that.

Essentially, people with different personality types see and treat rewards (like winning online poker) differently. The brain of an extroverted person will react in a very different way after a victory than that of an introverted player.

This means that social behaviors, whether telling a joke at a party or choosing to speak to someone of the opposite sex, elicit psychologically different reactions from one personality to another. These feelings are seen as rewards by the brain, and the brain, therefore, pushes extroverts to take risks and get out of their comfort zone.

The most common online casino scams

Aug 9, 2020 Blog by Linda Moor

To avoid scams on online casino platforms jdl688, it’s best to know what to expect. The problem is that there are many cybercriminals and unscrupulous operators, which makes the definition of these scams particularly broad. That said, any fraudulent activity on a real money online gambling site will fall into this category.


To begin with, it is quite possible that the games (among which the best known are poker, roulette, or even blackjack ) are configured so that players have no chance of winning. It is not only a source of frustration but an effective way to deposit them of their deposits. The casino will generally insist on the fact that the player was on the verge of winning big, thus making him want to bet again in the hope of an elusive gain that doesn’t even exist!

There are also online gaming platforms that steal their users’ credit card numbers but also, and more broadly, their banking information and their personal data. Some platforms are no more and no less than phishing sites designed to resemble in every respect a famous casino to which the player is most often accustomed. As soon as the player tries to connect to his favorite online casino by confusing the reply with reality, his connection information will be immediately compromised.

Only play at a legal online casino

The first mistake not to make when you start to look at an online casino is to register on the first platform that you find, only because it offers interesting bonuses. Doing research will allow you to make sure that it is a reliable operator and that the money that you are going to deposit in your account will be in good hands.

To avoid online casino scams, make sure the operator has an official casino license. But also find out about the authority that issued it. Most online casinos mention their information in the lower banner of their site. If this is not the case, it is better to turn to a more transparent platform on this subject. 

Regular players are constantly receiving emails with offers from new casinos or sites they have registered with in the past. However, the casino world is changing, and online gaming platforms often change hands, and a reliable casino yesterday will not necessarily be tomorrow.

Must-Knows Of Online Poker Industry Before You Decide To Try Your Luck In It

Aug 8, 2020 Blog by Linda Moor

Nowadays, the current trend is of sg96ace Online Gambling, which implies any betting done online on the web. The foremost online gambling site was launched a decade back, thus leading to the creation of the hundreds of websites that exist now on the Internet. 

One such segment is the online poker industry, which is a part of the entire online gambling fraternity. Owing to the rapid technological progression of society, Poker has come onboard the digital medium.

How to play Poker effectively in the virtual domain being a novice?

In recent months, close to seven million players have pursued ‘genuine cash’ with poker games various popular sites. The significant contrast between online Poker and live Poker is that online poker rooms furnish clients with an abundance of data and measurements. 

What is poker-tracking software, and can it come to your rescue?

Online poker rooms provide each player with a hand history data, which automatically gets saved onto your computer memory whenever you play Poker online. This tracking software makes smart use of this information and proceeds to furnish you with a wide range of nitty-gritty reports and analysis of the moves. 

Poker tracking software presents you with the following advantages:

  • You can easily register your wins and misfortunes along with tracking your gameplay. 


  • It even helps you find how often a specific starting hand made you encounter a flop, or wager won or lost by it.


  • It assists you in discovering spills in your game that would have been difficult for you to notice in any other scenario. It also enlightens you with your best moves and positions so that you can employ those later on.


Does online gambling come under the suspicion of the Indian legal system?

  • Talking headlong, internet gambling in India is vigorously limited, yet no exact laws are expressing the equivalent precisely, aside from horse wagering and lotteries. 


  • Also, betting is quite omnipresent in India, socially and generally ever-present, and to a great extent is majorly underground and does not come under tax assessment. 


  • Despite these monstrous improvements driven by innovation and the ascent in the number of wagering aficionados in the nation, old betting laws keep on overseeing betting, whether its online or physical, and leave numerous subjects unregulated and vague. 


  • Online Poker, cricket wagering, and gambling club gaming fall under this classification – they are not specifically legitimate; it is a hazy area. The individuals who are into it do it via remote-based stages and pay through e-wallets. Basically, in the end, no one is caught and punished. 


  • From the general patterns, our law framework is progressively keen on getting the guilty parties who bet genuinely on a physical platform like bookies, underground clubs, etc.


Hence, to sum up, the craze of poker and other online casino games is growing exponentially in today’s tech-savvy society. Though it’s not legal, gamblers aren’t prosecuted either. Internet betting offers real cash in the form of rewards and is widely acknowledged.

These stars who won (and lost) big at the casino!

Aug 6, 2020 Blog by Linda Moor

Most celebrities like to spend their money extravagantly. And there is nothing more extravagant than losing a fortune in roulette or poker. And if some movie stars have also become masters in poker or martingale, for others it is only a good way to relieve the pressure. Between pleasure and dependence, there is only one step.

 Patrick Bruel, the king of poker

Unrivaled star of French song, an actor with a talent recognized by his peers, Patrick Bruel is also known for his prowess in poker. We especially remember him for being the first player of French nationality to win the World Series in 1998. A victory that is still in mind until today. Building on this victory, he was one of the great defenders of poker in France. He is even considered to have contributed the most to popularizing poker in France. Winamax shareholder – leading slot online Malaysia casino gaming site- and having become a key figure in poker, Patrick Bruel is a regular at international tournaments. Lending his celebrity image to various tournaments, he is considered one of the biggest influencers in the industry. He is proud of his career as a player and never hesitates to talk about his passion in the same way as his other activities. More and more amateur players, especially with the advent of online casinos, like to follow their games and follow their strategies. More than ever, Patrick Bruel is a French icon of casino games, online and in theaters.

50 Cent

Rapper and popular actor, 50 Cent is known for his passion for sports betting (but also for his addiction to gambling). During the boxing championship between Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer, Floyd Mayweather (United States), 50 Cent would have bet $ 2 million on Mayweather. He also placed a $ 500,000 bet on a championship game between the New York Giants and the Francisco 49ers. Two winning bets!

Ray romano

Ray Romano is an American actor who won an Emmy Award for his role in the television series “Men of a Certain Age.” He plays Joe Tranelli; a middle-aged man addicted to the game. But what many viewers did not suspect is that the character of Joe was actually based on his own experience. 

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an actor, screenwriter, and director awarded an Oscar for his film Argo. Despite his success in the film industry, he had to undergo drug rehab in 2001 due to his addiction to gambling and alcohol. 

Tiger woods

It is rumored that famous American golfer Tiger Woods could wager up to $ 25,000 in a single game of 21. This world-renowned athlete is indeed a fan of blackjack and, according to Las Vegas casino executives MGM Grand, Woods is said to have won more than a million dollars in one evening. 

Pamela Anderson

The Malibu Alert actress also enjoys playing poker. Even her marriage to Rick Salomon was the result of a $ 250,000 bet she lost against him.